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Trap Craft Minecraft Defense

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Zombies are surely dangerous and scary. But there is one thing they’re not good at – they are rather stupid. So if you’re a human who survived through the apocalypse, you can easily outsmart them. That’s exactly what you’re about to do playing Trap Craft Minecraft Defense! Here your goal is to set up various traps for zombies and make sure none of them approaches your base. Do you think you can do it?

Trap as many zombies as you can!

Prepare for a thrilling pixel-style adventure where you have to fight off hordes of zombies rushing in on you! You will be able to play for different heroes familiar to you from other Minecraft games. Among them, you will meet Herobrine, Noob and other characters you know all too well. Each of them has a unique storyline to go through and every time you will face a different ending, so it’s not going to be boring!

The whole gameplay is about crafting and installing traps that will work when a zombie passes by. There are various kinds of them that you will be able to unlock progress through the game. Besides, you can get a great number of pets that will help you in your fight against the walking dead. In other words, there are plenty of opportunities opening up in front of you in Trap Craft Minecraft Defense! You will surely enjoy the action and signature cubic graphics. Protect your base and upgrade your trap arsenal to successfully battle even larger numbers of vile mutants!

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