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The Night Of The Undead

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When you were a kid, you were probably afraid to stay home alone. Especially late. When it’s dark in the house and there is not a soul around, you can’t help but feel uneasy. It suddenly seems to you that something is off and you suspiciously eye the most ordinary things like a TV set or a window curtain. And when there is a draught coming through the window, you jump up thinking the curtain is moving on its own. If this is familiar to you, you just can’t miss playing The Night of The Undead!

Solve the mystery of this abandoned house!

In this eerie horror game, you’ll find yourself in a strange house that seems to be empty at first. You don’t know who it belongs to – at least yet. But you have to figure it out on your own. Start exploring the building walking from room to room. The whole thing is happening in the first-person perspective which only enhances the immersion effect. You really feel like you’re the only roaming this mysterious place and doing everything your character is doing.

So far, nothing is going on – you just keep walking around the house checking out different rooms. You will also find all kinds of items there that can be interacted with. But this silence is deceitful – you can clearly sense someone’s presence inside, and it won’t be long until that someone – or somethings – reveals oneself… It’s unknown what is going to happen next. Be ready for that moment and try not to panic no matter what!

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