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Run Minecraft Run

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There is another Minecraft-style adventure waiting for you today, and it’s called Run Minecraft Run! Once again you will find yourself in the colorful pixel world consisting of blocks. Usually, you would roam around with your pickaxe obtaining stone and wood, and other materials, and putting them together into all sorts of great things in your workshop… But right now you can take a break from crafting and enjoy bare action instead!

Don’t stop and don’t fall!

The main and only goal of Run Minecraft Run is to race though hurdle-packed levels and collect coins. Sounds easy, but it’s not so simple to do. At first, the levels will be rather short and there won’t be too many obstacles. You will probably pass them in a breeze. But it’s too early to relax! Gradually the difficulty will grow and you will have to move your fingers around the control buttons really quickly to get over all the hurdles in time. Luckily, the controls are clear and intuitive and it won’t take you long to get the hang of them.

Note that your character won’t stop even for a moment, everything needs to be done on the run, so you won’t have a lot of time to think where to turn next and when exactly to press the jump button. Take decisions fast and act even faster! There are plenty of tricky and exciting maps waiting for you ahead. See if you can get to the end of another level safely and score a record number of points as you strive for the highest one possible!

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