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Pixel Stories 1: Young Blood

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Have you ever wanted to become a crime fighter and clear the streets of the city from all those bandits who prevent ordinary residents from enjoying a calm and carefree life? In this game you can find out what it’s like! Pixel Stories 1 Young Blood invites you into an amazing 8-bit world that you can explore however you like. There are plenty of surprises and discoveries waiting for you here, but most importantly – a chance to make a difference. So welcome and off you go!

Stand up for the law!

It all starts with the fact that you go to work at the local police station. The representatives of the law are up to their necks in work – the criminals are completely out of hand. Violent reports come in from all over the city, and the department doesn’t have enough staff to answer every call. This is precisely your task – you will drive around the map, to different hot spots and solve the problems that arise there. Exciting missions await you every day to neutralize and detain bandits threatening law and order and the safety of innocent characters. Can you handle such a responsible job? Let’s find out!

Complete missions and fight crime!

In the game you will find exciting adventures for every taste. You will be able to participate in incredible shootouts using various types of weapons, ride all sorts of cars and administer justice in many other ways. Each task will be somewhat different from the previous ones, so you are unlikely to get bored. Simple but stylish pixel graphics without special effects will not distract you from the gameplay, and the ability to equip your character to the fullest will allow you to reveal your full combat potential. Start playing Pixel Stories 1 Young Blood right now and make sure that the inhabitants of this virtual city can finally sleep peacefully!

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