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Minecraft Endless Runner

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If you love Minecraft, you’ll surely be amused to play this new endless runner designed in the iconic cubic style! Here you don’t have to craft anything or get concerned with collecting resources and equipping your hero – instead, you just need to make your way through another level and try to pick up as many bonuses as possible. Let’s go!

Run, dodge obstacles, collect coins!

Although everything is set in Minecraft style, the gameplay is more akin to other popular games of the runner genre like Subway Surfers and the likes. Your task is to keep running through an obstacle-packed location without stopping overcoming those obstacles on the go and collecting bonuses scattered around. The hurdles come in all possible varieties – you have to maneuver between stationary and moving objects, posts and carts suddenly blocking your way and also bombs that can explode if you step on them. To end the level with a record score, you shouldn’t miss any of the bonuses that you see on your way. Of course, it will be hard to collect them all, but that’s what you should be striving for. You definitely won’t fall short of levels – there are hundreds of tracks that will be getting more and more difficult waiting for you here!

Plenty of great levels to pass!

Minecraft Endless Runner is really an easy game to figure out – your only task is to stay alive while running through the levels. But it’s equally hard to play. You can’t afford to collide with any of the obstacles because it will kill your hero and make you restart the level. However, you can respawn at the very place you died if you have enough coins. Focus on the screen to notice all the hurdles beforehand and carefully calculate the timing of each jump to minimize the risks. Enjoy this great game online!

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