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Classic Minecraft

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There is probably no such gamer who doesn’t know what Minecraft is. This amazing pixel sandbox is really the mother of the genre. With all the crafting, exploring and fighting constantly going on in this cubic world, every player will surely find something exciting to do here. If you want to enjoy the adventures of the square-headed Steve to the full, welcome to Classic Minecraft!

Build, fight and travel!

If you ever played any of other Minecraft games, you know the drill. Your character spawns amidst a vast map that you have to explore. The landscape is very versatile – there are valleys and forests, rivers and lakes, mountains and deserts. All these various reliefs contain a scattering of materials that can be turned into all kinds of things. For instance, from a piece of wood and stone you can make a new, more durable and effective pickaxe. And a bunch of metal will allow you to forge a sword. That’s already something to carry with you when embarking on all those journeys and adventures. After all, there are plenty of dangerous monsters roaming around in the dead of night and lurking in the caves. That’s why it’s also important to build a reliable shelter as soon as possible – skeletons, zombies and spiders will surely try and attack your home when the sun is down.

Pixel adventures to any taste!

Minecraft Classic is a great way to spend your free time traveling through all kinds of landscapes and dimensions, improving your crafting skills and upgrading your hero with all possible weapons and equipments. Perfectly balanced and diversely fun! It will surely delight both those who prefer calmer gameplay and those who is longing for some action. Start playing it right now and check out all the amazing possibilities this pixel world has in store for you!

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