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Mineguy: Unblockable

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With the advent of Minecraft, pixel games have become widely popular. New ones keep coming out on a regular basis, and one of them is Mineguy Unblockable. This riveting cubic shooter will definitely attract the attention of those who love Minecraft in particular and shooters in general!

Shoot, kill and win!

Get ready to test your shooting skills! Today you need to show how artful you are with various kinds of guns playing this riveting game. You have to be ready to fire your gun at any moment because your enemies won’t announce their attacks beforehand. It’s better to noice an opponent first and bring them down before they even have a chance to do something. But note that you are just the same kind of a target and it won’t be wise to walk around out in the open. Pick your route carefully, stick to covers that can protect your from bullets if you get under fire. Well-chosen tactics can save your life!

The gameplay is very dynamic and filled with action. The matches don’t run for too long, so you don’t necessarily have to dedicate a whole evening to them – several minutes somewhere in a traffic jam or at a boring staff meeting will be just enough. You have to stay concentrated every single minute. Will you be able to shoot down all of your enemies and avoid getting wounded mortally? That depends on you! Start playing Mineguy Unblockable right now and get your portion of adrenaline for today!

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