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Noob Escape: One Level Again

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Some people just have a talent to get in trouble. And Noob is one of them. You might remember him from other games belonging to this series. And every time it’s the same – he gets into some kind of a fix and you have to pull him out of it. But it’s simply impossible to stay aside when such a charming and nice guy needs your help. So prepare for another challenge – you have to assist Noob in escaping the prison! Do you think you can cope with this task? Let’s find out!

Break out of jail!

The game starts when you see Noob in his cell. He is obviously bored and can’t wait to get out. He is only waiting for your signal! Together, you have more chances to figure out how to do it, so start trying different options right now. First of all, look around the cell in search of any useful items that can help you open the door. Maybe there is even a key hidden somewhere or you can simply pick the lock. Once it’s done, you will be able to get out into the prison hall. And that’s when you’ll understand your adventures are just beginning! The place is well-guarded, there are barbed wires and security cameras, say nothing of guards patrolling the area. Will you be able to get past all of them?

Don’t get caught!

Noob Escape: One Level Again is surely a great game to spend your free time. It’s equally fun and daring. To complete your mission, you’ll have to be careful and cunning. There are plenty of puzzles for you to solve in the process, but while doing that you shouldn’t forget about safety and keep one eye peeled for any signs of danger approaching. If you’re caught, you will find yourself back in your cell and will have to start everything from the very beginning. But at least you’ll already aware of your mistakes and will try not to repeat them! Get to work and make sure Noob sees the light of the day again!

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