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Mr Noob Vs Zombies

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What is the best possible weapon against zombies? Any fan of post apocalyptic movies will instantly tell you that it’s a shotgun. One bullet that hit the target – and a creepy monster will turn into a pile of rotten brains scattered all around. However, that’s not the only weapon you can use when you’re surrounded by the walking dead. After all, not so many people carry shotguns with them on a regular basis! Our old friend Noob claims he can deal with a thousand of zombies shooting his bow! Is it really so? Start plying Mr. Noob vs. Zombies and find out!

Zombies are coming!

The game is a fun pixel shooter where your goal is to kill as many zombies as possible shooting arrows from your cubic bow. The monsters will be attacking from all sides, so you have to demonstrate really quick reflexes and also outstanding shooting skills. There is no particular ballistics in the game – you just send another arrow in the right direction and gain points for every zombie killed. Doing that will eventually allow you to unlock cool rewards that will definitely come in handy in your struggle against the hungry mutants.

Shake off stress and have fun!

Mr. Noob vs. Zombies is a highly amusing and simple game that is perfect for idle pastime when you don’t know what to do and simply want to while away a few minutes or maybe a whole evening. It will also give you an opportunity to unwind after a stressful day and stock up on fresh emotions that always come from playing something so action-packed. Because it’s designed in a cartoonish style, with no realistic violence that can hurt a sensitive psyche, it’s also good to be played by little kids. Colorful pixel graphics, dynamic gameplay and the ability to set new records will surely keep you addicted to this game for a long time!

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