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Blockman Go is a stunning collection of mini pixel games packed into one incredible sandbox with a vast community consisting of thousands of players. Here you can freely enjoy all kinds of games with Bad Wars, starting from the zombie infection mode and ending with prison break. Vibrant graphics, varied gameplay and broad crafting capabilities will definitely make it one of your favorite pastime once you try it!

Choose a game to your liking!

After launching Blockman Go, you will get into the main lobby where you can choose a game from the numerous options available in the menu. Every player will surely find something exciting and fun to play here. For instance, you can set out on a dragon egg hunt – the goal is to collect more dragon eggs than the rest of the participants. That will involve exploring a huge map, and the eggs can be hidden just about anywhere. You have to keep your eyes peeled and gain access to the most remote parts of the map to beat your opponents to the punch!

Another popular game is Bed Wars where the players are split into four teams and have to defend their camp from the enemies. Beds are the most important thing at your base that must remain intact despite everything. So it’s vital to build solid fortifications around your camp before venturing to other islands where your rivals might be waiting for you. Here is where crafting will come in handy – with the help of various resources scattered throughout the map, you can create all kinds of weapons, armor and other objects that will give you the upper hand. But of course it’s nothing without good teamwork!

Compete with other players and have fun!

Those into the zombie theme will definitely like to play Zombie Infecting. Here the players are randomly assigned as civilians or zombies, and the latter must try to infect as many of them as possible. The task of the civilians, accordingly, is to run away or fight off and avoid catching the virus that comes from a direct contact with any of the mutants.

Finally, you can try your hand at escaping from jail that will include solving various puzzles and getting past the security. In this game, not only your reflexes matter, but also your cunning and ingenuity because you have to think on the go and react fast to any difficulties arising in the process. The fact that you will be playing against other people who can act unpredictably only enhances the thrill. Plus you can create your own game and share it with the rest of the community – maybe it will become popular as well! Discover what else is waiting for you in Blockman Go and start exploring all the wonderful possibilities of this amazing pixel sandbox right now!

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