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PUBG Pixel 3

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Royal battles will never get boring because they give you a chance to compete against other players just like you and find out who is stronger, more skilled in shooting and battle tactics. And PUBG Pixel 3 continues the best traditions of the genre! Here you can play an 8-bit version of the famous mobile shooter and enjoy the thrill of a multiplayer gun fight!

Kill everyone and become the winner!

You’ll start out on a deserted island with basically nothing but a knife in your hands. Surrounded by enemies, you have to explore the map and pick up all the weapons and ammunition you need to fight them off. Look for guns and armor as you search the neighborhood, but don’t forget about safety – another shootout can start any time. You have to constantly stay on the lookout and be ready to shoot back. If you’re wounded, there are first aid kits lying around that will help you patch up your health – if you get to them in time.

The confrontation will continue until there is just one person left. Will it be you? That depends on your reaction and tactical skills. Whether you prefer to run into the fight immediately and enjoy the thrill of the bullet hell or pick an advantageous position and bring your enemies down one by one from afar is up to you. Regardless of your choice of tactics, it’s going to be a riveting experience! Start playing PUBG Pixel 3 right now, plunge into a fascinating gameplay and take your chance at another awesome battle royale!

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